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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

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Volunteers in Northumbria

Volunteering in the criminal justice sector can be rewarding and fulfilling. Volunteers can make a unique contribution to our work, using their own skills to complement  the professional support offenders receive to change their lives and reintegrate into their local community. Offenders often appreciate the additional support provide by volunteers who give their own time to help.

All the services provide by our supply chain providers include some support from volunteers where required, which is organised by the provider.


Offenders can also access our mentoring service, provided by Shelter.

This service offers support to people with an offending history by providing practical assistance with a variety of issues. Mentors also act as a positive role model for those they work with.

The aim of the service is to assist people who want to improve their life skills and create positive opportunities for their development. The offender’s responsible officers can make a referral t the service if the offender has an identified need which can be met by mentoring and if the individual has indicated a willingness to work with a mentor.

As assessment is then conducted to match the offender to a suitable mentor. Depending on the intensity of the support required, this an be either a staff mentoring officer or a volunteer mentor.

Mentor can provide offenders with support in:

  • accessing local services and community facilitie
  • developing personal skills, eg budget management, using leisure time constructively
  • practical tasks such as filling in forms
  • preparing for interviews
  • settling back into the community after a prison sentence


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