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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

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Protecting the public

Our key priority is protecting the public from harm. We do this through carefully prepared risk assessments and risk management plans. We also work alongside partner agencies, sharing information and resources to ensure any risk posted by the offenders we supervise is managed and monitored. 

Managing and assessing risk

All offenders are assessed to establish the level of risk they pose to the public. This includes assessing how likely they are to reoffend and how serious the impact, or harm, of the potential offence would be on local people.

The process of assessing the risk each offender poses usually begins before they have been sentenced. It is an important part of the pre sentence report, which is prepared by the National Probation Service to help the courts decide on the most appropriate sentence.

Risk management plans

The risk management plan looks at the risk assessment and identifies the actions and objectives needed to manage and reduce the offender’s risk. It forms a key part of the offenders supervision and management. 

The plan might include practical restrictions, such as a curfew or being forbidden to go to certain places or taking part in certain activities. It can also include working with the offender to challenge attitudes and behaviours which contribute to their risk.

The responsible officer makes sure all the different aspects of the plan are in place, which might involve working with other agenices. 

The plans are very flexible and are regularly reviewed so they can deal with changing circumstances. The level of risk posed by each offender often changes during the course of their sentence, and can increase or decrease at different times in response to their progress and circumstances.

There are four levels of risk, low, medium, high and very high. The majority of offenders are classed as low or medium risk, and are managed by CRCs. Offenders who are assessed as high or very high risk are managed by the NPS.

Some offenders are also subject to multi agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA). Risk management plans are an important part of MAPPA and are discussed at MAPPA meetings.

Some offenders may also live in probation hostels (MoJ approved premises) for a period on release from prison. This provides structured, supervised, temporary accommodation for offenders who would in any case be living in the community. There are several propbation hostels in Northumbria, some of which are managed by the NPS and some by the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

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