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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

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NNorthumbria CRC works with a supply chain of providers, to support its work with offenders.

This enables offenders to work with a range of specialist providers to support their rehabilitation. It also provides strong links to local community services, which many continue to work with after they complete their orders.  

For offenders who receive a custodial sentence, these services begin in custody and continue in the community. 

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This service provides offenders with housing related advice and support. It includes assistance with finding and keeping safe, secure and affordable accommodation. 

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Education, training & employment

This services supports offenders in finding and retaining education, training and employment. It includes identifying and improving employability skills, reviewing the local labour market and how to access work or education and training opportunities.

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Finance & debt

This service provides offenders with debt related advice and support, with the aim of achieving financial stability. Offenders can access advice to overcome a range of financial barriers.

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Family based support

This service begins with an assessment of the offender’s family relationship status and stability, and provides support in maintaining appropriate and supportive family relationships.  Where appropriate it can include family conferencing, relationship counselling and support to keep families in touch while a parent is in prison. 

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Domestic abuse and sex workers

This service is intended to promote the safety and wellbeing of offenders who may be victims of domestic abuse or sex workers. It is available to both men and women, and their families where appropriate. Consideration is given to managing the risk posed to the individual, and referrals can be made to relevant interventions for support. Health interventions can also be provided where required.  

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Drugs and alcohol

This service aims to reduce reoffending amongst those experiencing drug or alcohol misuse. Support is provided to encourage offenders into recovery by assisting them to overcome the negative effects of substance misuse. All offenders are assessed at the start, and a three phase model is used based on complexity of need, to ensure services are delivered to the right people at the right time. This includes structured work and mentoring services to aid recovery.

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This service focuses on the delivery of specific services for women, based on their particular needs. It includes our women’s hubs, where women can meet together in a community setting and support each other in changing their lives. They can also access interventions from a range of community services. 

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This service begins with an assessment of the offender’s status as a veteran, and ensures the offender has access to all the related specialist support which is available in the local community. It also supports their integration into mainstream services and adjustment to civilian life. Where appropriate, the service can include support for the family, to ensure everyone is aware of the support and entitlements which are available.


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