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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

Image: Community Payback



Image: Community Payback gardening

painting & decorating

Image: Community Payback painting

litter picking

Image: Community Payback litter picking

clearing snow

Image: Community Payback clearing snow

Community Payback projects

In Northumbria, 120,000 hours of community payback are completed each year. This equates to approximately £800,000 of unpaid labour invested in local communities.

Below are some examples of community payback projects in Northumbria:


Offenders are working at Ryton Cemetery and have carried out groundwork, removed litter and debris, cut back shrubbery and tidied up overgrown areas.


In Newcastle, Northumbria CRC works with Your Homes Newcastle, where offenders are undertaking gardening and ground clearance work.

North Tyneside

In North Tyneside, offenders complete a number of projects which include tidying up gardens for elderly and disabled people.


Offenders have been involved with Northumberland Council’s Love Northumberland Hate Litter campaign and have been litter picking at Blackclose Dene and North Seaton.

South Tyneside

At Whist (Women’s health in South Tyneside) offenders are constructing new pathways, building raised beds to grow vegetables and landscaping the available space to create a welcoming area.


At Herrington Team Sport, offenders have painted the building inside and out and local members of the community now have a new and improved sports centre on their doorstep!

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