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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

image: Supervision of an offender


Case study - Gary

Gary received a community order for benefit fraud, having failed to inform the DWP of a change in circumstances.

Gary revealed that several months earlier he'd started work as a cleaner and had telephoned the DWP, but was put on hold for a long period so ended the call. He has low literacy skills and felt unable to write a letter to inform them of his work and chose not to ask a neighbour to help him with this as he did not want them to know about his literacy issues. Gary had some significant debts and was taking prescription medication for depression.

Gary accepted responsibility for his offence and understood why this behaviour is unacceptable. He admits he could have made a lot more effort to inform the DWP of his work.

Gary is repaying the sum defrauded on a weekly basis. His probation officer is working with him to address the factors contributing to his offending. His community order includes basic skills tuition and debt counselling, provided by partner organisations. 

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