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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

Image: probation officer and policer officer talking to an offender


Integrated offender management

Some offenders need more support than others to stop offending. They often have very chaotic lifestyles, and there can be a lot of very complex issues to address.

In our integrated offender management (IOM) teams, several agencies work together with these offenders to provide an intensive package of treatment and support. This means that individuals work with a team of expert professionals to address all the different factors contributing to their offending behaviour.

IOM teams include probation staff from Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company (Northumbria CRC), Northumbria Police, mental health workers, drug and alcohol treatment providers, local authorities and others.

Offenders who work with our IOM teams include prolific offenders, who have a long history of very frequent acquisitive crime, for example shoplifting and burglaries. This group has the most disproportionate effect on local communities, with 10% of offenders committing more than 50% of serious acquisitive crime.

It also includes offenders with serious drug and alcohol dependency issues, linked to their offending behaviour. Many of these offenders are subject to alcohol treatments or drug rehabilitation requirements. Others receive treatment and support for alcohol and drug misuse as part of their sentence plan.

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