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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

Image: probation officer working with an offender


Rehabilitation activity requirement

The rehabilitation activity requirement (RAR) includes a combination of appointments and activities, designed to support and monitor the offender’s progress through their order and support their rehabilitation.


Appointments are based around one to one work which the offender undertakes with their probation officer and other staff. The number and frequency of appointments is flexible, and is decided by the responsible officer depending on the individuals needs. This can be adjusted as the order progresses.

Appointments are used to support the offender throughout the sentence, and include:

  • offence and victim focused work
  • providing information and advice
  • monitoring and reviewing progress
  • risk assessment and risk management
  • attending our resource centres or women’s hubs
  • time with a volunteer mentor


Offenders undertake a range of activities designed to support their rehabilitation and tackle specific activities of their offending. The courses can be delivered on a one to one basis or in small groups.

The maximum number of activity days for an individual offender is specified by the court when the offender is sentenced. The responsible officer then assesses which activities they need to complete and includes this within the sentence plan.

All Northumbria CRCs activity courses are locally developed, utilising the latest research into offending behaviour, academic experts and the professional expertise of our staff. 

Positive Pathways


Positive Pathways Plus


This course is undertaken at the start of the order and forms part of the offenders core supervision. The offender works with their responsible officer on a range of lifestyle, victim awareness and offence related work. It helps offenders to identify and then move along pathways away from offending.

Positive Pathways Plus is a specially adapted version for people who display abusive behaviour in relationships. It includes additional sessions which focus on positive relationships and key strengths. It can be used with a broad range of relationships, including women who offend against men, same sex relationships and also for intra familial abuse.



New Psychoactive Substances   (legal highs)

These three courses are designed to address substance misuse and related offending behaviour.

Each programme includes an overview of the substance, associated legal implications, the impact of its use on the individual, including health and behaviour, and the impact on social issues. 

Victim awareness

This course helps offenders to develop a greater understanding of the impact of their offence and the ripple effect of crime. It is for individuals who need to complete additional work to the victim awareness work undertaken through supervision appointments.

The course also helps some offenders to prepare for a restorative justice activity, which brings together victims of crime and the person who caused them harm.

Masculinity & Aggression

This course is developed in line with the latest research on young men, masculinity and offending. It is available for all male offenders but is particularly relevant for 18-24 year olds. 

It is designed to stimulate greater understanding of masculinity and the impact associated factors can have on personal anger. 


Solo Enhanced

A domestic abuse course for men who have used abusive behaviour against a partner or ex partner. This may not be the reason for their current sentence, but the need for the offender to complete the programme is identified in the sentence plan. It is delivered on a one to one basis by the offenders responsible officer.

Solo enhanced is a specially adapted version for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in same sex relationships.


This is for offenders who are in breach of their order. It provides a penalty for the breach by requiring the offender to undertake additional activity days, and also helps the individual to re-engage with their order through additional support.

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