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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company


Thinking Skills programme

Thinking Skills is based on the principle that how offenders think will affect how they behave. It approaches problem solving as a skill which everyone can learn and which can be applied to different situations. Through a series of structured exercises the programme teaches offenders to examine their own behaviour and the effect it has on others, and make more informed choices about their actions.

The programme helps participants to tackle different situations and problems which contribute towards their criminal behaviour and teach them self-management skills to enable them to think about things differently. They will:

  • learn skills which help them deal with problems and difficult situations which lead to offending
  • manage personal risk factors such as the things in their life that may increase the risk of offending
  • develop protective factors - things that lead them away from or stop them offending
  • achieve pro social goals - achieving what they want in life without offending to get it.

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