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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

Image: Offending behaviour programme taking place


Drink Impaired Drivers Programme

The main aim is to reduce the risk of future drink related driving offences, by making offenders consider their decisions to drink and drive. They will learn skills to help them understand how alcohol affects the body and how the skills required for driving safely can be impaired.

They will also look at their attitudes towards drinking and driving. This may be an anti-social attitude, or an inability to control their own feelings, or a lack of awareness about how other people are affected by their attitude. They will be helped to monitor their own drinking patterns and learn how to plan in order to avoid situations which might lead to drink driving.

Offenders work within a group and talk openly about their behaviour and their view of things. They will also take part in role plays and other work to help them understand what they have done, and have opportunities to practice new ways of thinking and of dealing with situations and decisions which could cause the offending behaviour.

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