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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

image: Offending behaviour programme taking place


Building Skills for Recovery (BSR)

BSR is designed for people whose offences are related to drug, alcohol or substance abuse, the programme aims to motivate offenders to change their lifestyles in order to prevent further criminal behaviour.

Offenders work together in a group, talking about their offences and how they, and other people, are affected by them. They take part in a range of activities, including discussions and written exercises, looking at problem situations and how to respond to them.

Offenders will increase their motivation to change their lives and monitor their use of drugs or alcohol. They will learn to:

  • increase their own self control
  • cope with craving
  • tackle problems differently
  • cope with conflict
  • build new social networks

They will be able to practice new ways of thinking and learn how to deal with situations which could cause re-offending. They will also gain knowledge and awareness of substance abuse and so increase their own ability to tackle problems in some other way.

The programme helps offenders to avoid relapse and to make lifestyle changes which will ensure a substance-free life.

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