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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

image: Offending behaviour programme taking place


Building Better Relationships Programme (BBR)

This programme is for men who have been convicted of an offence against a female partner which can include physical violence, criminal damage, threatening behaviour or harassment. Men who have been assessed as posing a risk of harm to their partner and children, and are able to discuss at least one act of violence against an intimate partner are also eligible.

The course prioritises the safety of women and children, and information is exchanged with other agencies such as the police, Social Services and women’s support services as appropriate. Victims are also given the opportunity to have contact with a partner link worker from Barnardos, who provides support and advice.

The programme is based on the latest research evidence about men who perpetrate domestic violence as well as the most effective ways of working with them to change.

The programme consists of four modules: foundation, my thinking, my emotions and my relationships. The aim is to enable men to acknowledge the abuse they have committed and its effects on others as well as to build an understanding for appropriate behaviour and responses in the future. 

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