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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

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A new direction

On 1 February 2015 the ownership of Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company transferred to Sodexo as part of the government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme.

Transforming Rehabilitation is a programme of reform that changes the way offenders are managed in the community. It builds on historic good practice while providing greater scope for innovative approaches to reducing reoffending.

Following a national competition and share sale, Sodexo, in partnership with crime reduction charity Nacro, took ownership of six community rehabilitation companies in England. Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company is one of those six.

With more than two decades delivering justice services across the UK and a portfolio of five prisons, Sodexo brings a wealth of experience in managing and reducing reoffending. Nacro’s position as the country’s leading crime reduction charity also brings a strong heritage of helping offenders to turn their lives around.

While ownership of the six community rehabilitation companies has transferred to Sodexo, day to day leadership of each company remains with the local chief executive.

Under Transforming Rehabilitation, the CRCs continue to use their expertise to build on their strong foundations of protecting the public and reducing reoffending. They are now also responsible for supervising offenders on release from prison sentences of less than 12 months. These individuals were not previously subject to statutory supervision.

Success in reducing reoffending will be rewarded by the government on a payment by results basis.

This new direction presents an exciting opportunity to combine the skills, expertise and commitment of colleagues from across the community rehabilitation companies, Sodexo and Nacro, to manage risk, deliver safer communities and change lives. We look forward to the future.





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